Tools to start conversations with the people who represent us

Political Buzz is a set of free tools built to help start conversations between those in power, and the people they represent.

Since 2014, has provided an easy way for people to tweet UK MPs with questions, on everything from the price of beer to marriage equality.

In 2015 and 2017 added parliamentary candidates, and in 2016 we added for people in Scotland to contact their members of the Scottish Parliament.

69% of Tweet your MP users had never contacted their MP before

Tweet your MP user survey 2018

We’ve added the campaign generator, which allows anyone to create and share a pre-filled tweet with MPs using the short URL. 

Free (and always will be)

Tweet your MP, and the other tools we’ve created will always be free to use. You can read more about us, terms and conditions and read the latest news on our blog.