Political Buzz

"Political Buzz- the constant talk, punditry, predictions, forecasting, analysis - many times ad-nauseum - surrounding politicians and political ideas."

Definition from The Internet Urban Dictionary

Promoting conversations between politicians and the people they represent

Political Buzz is the holding company for TweetyourMP.com, TweetyourMSP.com and TweetyourCandidate.com, simple free to use tools that help make a difference in 140 characters.

Since it's creation in 2014 Tweet your MP has been used by Emma Watson, IC Change, Unlocking Detention, the NAHT, the Liberal Democrats, Jamie Oliver, World Vision UK, Child Poverty Action, Mencap, UNITE, CALM, Amnesty UK, Shepheard Neame, Liberty UK, Concern Worldwide, Bowel Cancer UK (and many more) to find MPs on twitter and send them tweets about a wide range of issues.

Political Buzz is a project by Pete Taylor - you can find out more about me here, or even better drop me a line - I'm currently looking for a job!
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