June 2018 update – tweet your MP adds instagram

As part of our June 2018 update we now have 644 email addresses, 608 websites, 591 Twitter accounts, 161 Instagram accounts and 339 facebook pages listed for the 650 members of the UK Parliament.

For the first time we’ve added instagram accounts to our tool. When an MP has an instagram account listed, the option to follow them appears in the list of social media accounts. For campaigns created using the creator tool, the option to copy an instagram version of the pre-filled tweet to the clipboard.

To try it out useĀ N15 5LA to search for David Lammy who has an instagram account and try our demo pre-filled tweet campaign.



IC change campaign

The Istanbul Convention Change Campaign (IC Change Campaign) was one of the first campaigns to be run that made use of TweetyourMP.com – in fact it became so popular it was one of the driving forces behind many of the features of the site.